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ViSLAB Meeting

Each week, one person will deliver a presentation on any topic of their choice. 

Some suggestions for presenters include:
  • Reporting of current research progress.
  • Discussion of a research area from articles, technical reports and scientific papers.
  • Discussion of current challenges presented in your work.
  • How-tos and how-nots: reporting of your trials and errors.
  • Mini lecture on knowledge/skills you would like to share. Potential topics:
    • Considerations for designing user based experiments
    • The design of service oriented architectures
    • The inner workings of SOM
    • Computer graphics methods
    • Image processing techniques
    • Working with haptic devices
    • Optimisations for parallelisation with graphs

Presenter order
The order of presentations has been decided on the sorted list of md5sums for the names of each person. This ranking order is beyond contestation!

0    0fecb1467525d33b68c95f98af3a6d1c    Masahiro Takatsuka
1    246f2a37be8bd546854001dd3d7848c7    Moonyati Yatid 
2    29d455b3c60e5fb41ca857e77fee37ca    Florence Wang 
3    2a375f3ed6c8206207efe3480cb828fd    Ben Sutas
4    97df29c40b8746e27a589b8b5dc15cd6    Tak Wai Derek Chan 
5    bd3ce518127a0717c37c48c508114ce2    Choon Jin Ng 
6    c5a36a6e97b1ff1384bf4bbbd0721cfe    Younjin Chung 
7    fd5013459eff39a3467ed12b4d1c5398    John Stavrakakis 

This list may change over time, the md5 hash will not (unless a certificate of legal name change has been provided to Masa).


 Date Name Title Download
 February 2012 Masa HDR SOM 
 February 2012 Moon Correlation between Collaborative Tools and Human Behaviour Presentation
 March 2012 Derek On the Parallelisation of Closeness Centrality Presentation
 March 2012 Ben Phantom Brush  Presentation
 March 2012    

Note that files to download can be made available by request. Please contact them via email from the People page.