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Creating Your Site

When you create your personal page for, you would not want to give "write" permission to others.
To limit the "write" privilege to yourself, follow the procedures below:

  1. go to
  2. "Sign in", which is located at the bottom-left of the page 
  3. click the "gear" icon located at the top-right and select "My sites". This will take you to the list of sites you own within 
  4. click "Create new site" button to start creating your page.
  5. you can keep "Blank template"
  6. use your username as "Name your Site" filed, this name will be automatically used for the URL.
  7. click "+" sign for "More Option"
  8. put "personal" in the "Site categories"
  9. put "xxx's page" in "Site description".  replace "xxx" with your name.
  10. select "Only people I specify can view this site.
  11. check "Also let anyone in the world view this site"
  12. then click "Create site" button located at the bottom.
  13. go to and click your entry.  If you cannot find your entry, create one.
  14. add the URL from the step 6 in "Web address:" field.