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Create a project page

  • go to ViSLAB project page.
  • consult with your supervisor/colleagues and decide which category you should place your project under.  We currently have the following categories:
    • Visualization
    • Computer Graphics
    • Computer Vision
    • Collaboration
    • HCI
    • MISC
  • "Sign in" if you haven't done so.
  • click "Edit page" button located at the top-right.
  • add the entry to your project as a bullet point item in the form of
    • myproject : short description....
  • select your project name (myproject) and click Link to add a link to your project page.
  • in the "Create Link" window, click "Create new page" button (with a green plus sign).
  • type in your project name in "New page title" field.
  • select "ViSLAB Project" as the "Page type".
  • make sure "Put page under Project" is selected.
  • back in the "Create Link" window, make sure that the newly created project page is selected (with a green tick mark)
  • then press "OK" button at the bottom.
  • then press "Save" button located at the top of the window to finish editing the Project page.
Now you can go to your project page and start filling it in!.  Simply click the link to your project page.  If you haven't got git or subversion repository for your project, talk to ViSLAB admin.