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\begin{table}-\end{table} and \begin{figure}-\end{figure} are very useful in placing figures and tables in a LaTeX document. The location of a figure/table is automaticaly computed thanks to the float environment. However, you might want to specify the location of a figure/table.

You can use here.sty to specify the location of a table/figure.  This style file should be included in the standard TeX package now.  If your LaTeX system does not have one, you can download one below and install it, say, in /usr/local/texlive/2011/texmf-dist/tex/latex/here/here.sty. You should run texhash to update the list of tex related files so that latex command can find it.



    \begin{figure}[H] % 'H' indicate the use of here.sty 
        \caption{I want to place my figure here using here.sty.\label{fig:foo} 

Masahiro Takatsuka,
6 Sept 2011, 06:34