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Windowed OpenGL (WOGL) is a simplification of a graphics API for developing programs with some basic visuals. 



Many concepts are needed to be understood when programming with computer graphics. There are mathematics, the understanding of the graphics state machine and additionally the link between the graphics subsystem to the operating system. This library is designed to reduce the burden for introducing visuals into programs by exposing only a simple graphics API while most of the work is managed internally.


Wrap around the OpenGL and GLUT libraries to present more user oriented interface such as: draw an image at a location. The interface requires only the filename. In contrast, the programmer would need to load and parse the image data, match image formats to what is available to OpenGL and then generate texture names, wrapping parameters, associate with a texture name (handle) and perform texture management themselves.


Various program flow approaches. Finally going back to callbacks for obtaining keyboard input and allowing double buffering in the same thread. 
Loading PNG images so far
Drawing single/multiple images
Drawing text
Sample/test programs using multiple images, text, and user based input.
Windows port
Dropped PNG only, using FreeImage library.
Template project for MSVS2010
custom text colouring after texture draw


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