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ViSLAB JavaScript Library


This project aims to build a JavaScrip library, which can be used to build tools/applications to implement ViSLAB's research ideas.



The main work at ViSLAB is to do worthy research.  Once you've found something useful, you can disseminate the finding in many different ways.  You can write scientific/engineering articles.  You can also produce/release the finding in the form of Software applications.  

There have been many good works have been produced and they were disseminated as software applications and tools.  However, they often fall short in providing support and covering a wide range of users.  The one of reasons is that such software applications often produced for particular computing platforms (OS, versions, etc).

You would like your software tools/applications to be portable (runs on many different platforms) and easy to disseminate/access/use.


There have been significant progress over JavaScript engines available in major web browsers.  Moreover, the recent development on WebGL and WebCL implies that browsers can be considered as a platform to execute scientific/engineering software tools/applications.

The main idea of this project is to develop a set of useful functions in a form of a JavaScript library.  



git clone ssh://



Project Progress

  • Vertex Search on GeodesicDome To use the GeodesicDome data structure, I need to be able to search the neighborhood of a specified vertex according to the distance from it.I implemented a simple algorithm ...
    Posted 15 Sept 2011, 07:35 by Masahiro Takatsuka
  • Hashtable/map with an object as a key To efficiently store 3D float array, I tried to use a hashtable [new Array() or new Object()]:var hash = new Array(); (or new Object())var key = new SomeObject();var value ...
    Posted 15 Sept 2011, 00:36 by Masahiro Takatsuka
  • vislab.math.geom.GeodesicDome First implementation of GeodesicDome.  
    Posted 14 Sept 2011, 07:54 by Masahiro Takatsuka
  • LU decomposition In the past LU decomposition was a very useful tool for Computer Vision/Computer Graphics, etc.I've ported LU code.  I've also ported my VecMath (java).
    Posted 12 Sept 2011, 06:21 by Masahiro Takatsuka
  • all_tests.html Following Closure Library, created all_tests.html/alltests.js to execute all XXX_test.html.
    Posted 10 Sept 2011, 07:29 by Masahiro Takatsuka
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