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Progress (ViSLAB Dart Library)

Building Google Dart from source (Mac OS X Lion + Xcode 4.2)

posted 16 Dec 2011, 08:00 by Masahiro Takatsuka   [ updated 16 Dec 2011, 08:02 ]

I've been using Google DartEditor, but it's distribution does not come with some tools.
I've decided to build everything from its source, and here is the things I had to do to build Google Dart on Mac OS X Lion with Xcode 4.2:

  • installed the latest Xcode,
  • install node.js
  • install depot_tools
    • svn co
    • add depot_tools to my PATH in .bashrc
  • get source
gclient config
gclient sync
  • add the following in tools/ (starting at line 108)
        args = ['xcodebuild',
  • modify GCC_VERSION for tools/gyp/configurations_xcode.gypi as
'xcode_settings': {
          # To switch to the LLVM based backend change the two lines below.
          'GCC_VERSION': '',
          #'GCC_VERSION': '4.2',
  • run
gclient unhooks
  • Then build (I tried with --arch=x64 but 
./tools/ --arch=ia32 -m release
    • I've tried with --arch=x64 but it gave me the following error..if its something unimplemented..forget it..
PhaseScriptExecution "Action \"generate_frogsh\"" /Users/masa/Documents/Dev/dart/dart/xcodebuild/
        cd /Users/masa/Documents/Dev/dart/dart/frog
          /bin/sh -c /Users/masa/Documents/Dev/dart/dart/xcodebuild/
        note: Generating frogsh file
          ./vm/code_generator_x64.h:36: error: unimplemented code
            VM exited with signal 6

            Vertex Search on GeodesicDome

            posted 17 Nov 2011, 08:03 by Masahiro Takatsuka

            To use the GeodesicDome data structure, I need to be able to search the neighborhood of a specified vertex according to the distance from it.
            I implemented a simple algorithm, which builds a tree whose root is the specified vertex. The depth of the tree corresponds to the distance from vertices to the root vertex.
            The following GeodesicDome was colored to confirm the tree structure.

            Initial porting

            posted 17 Nov 2011, 07:31 by Masahiro Takatsuka

            Have completed porting the following code to Dart:

            FFT => vislab.signal.FFT : Fast Fourier Transformation
            VecMath =>vislab.math.VecMath.dart : Vector/Matrix utilities
            LU => LU decomposition
            GeodesicDome => vislab.math.geom.GeodesicDome : GeodesicDome

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