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Xcode you are #1...problem

posted 11 Jan 2012, 13:44 by John Stavrakakis   [ updated 11 Jan 2012, 14:29 ]

I turn off as many features as possible yet it continues to crash every day. On occasion, you will be the excessive resource hog that brings the computer to a crawl. Yes, of all the 8GB that I have it is still not enough. Having force quit and restarted Xcode 4 times in the past hour, even after rebooting PC, it is in the way of progress.

Update: To configure Netbeans for use with C++ OpenGL, OpenCL, GLUT you simply add the library directories in the project options:

The binary file found in the framework directory. You need to select all files.

Aside from the long application startup time, and project loading, the resource usage remains at 388MB real and 488MB virtual. Compiles, runs with less delay than Xcode.