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SSD problem

posted 30 Dec 2011, 01:38 by John Stavrakakis   [ updated 30 Dec 2011, 01:38 ]
Lately, there have been some random reboots of the server machine on the hunch that the OCZ Vertex 2 60GB SSD drive is playing up. I'm not sure  why this happens, but when the random reboot occurs the drive does not appear in the boot up list. 

normal boot options
Cold boot options

missing drive from boot options
Random reboot event: missing OCZ drive from boot options

Some Internet threads discuss this product with problems for cold booting. But, I seem to have the opposite problem. Seems to reboot on its own after being on for some time. On rebooting there is no drive detected. I have to physically switch off the machine and then power on for it to detect. Many blame driver/firmware problems with the OS reinstall solving the problem. I was fortunate enough to store all persistent data on the mechanical HDD, only the OS, programs, not user data is on the SSD. 

I tried to see if a new firmware update could be installed, but their proprietary update tool does not work with proxies!

To be continued...