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Slow down there sonny

posted 26 Sept 2011, 02:45 by John Stavrakakis
Today I spent some time revising randomised algorithms for general problems. I have to admit they are rather powerful solutions for optimising problems that involve probability. I aim to explore these methods for 3D projection onto 2D surfaces. More on this soon.

I had a meeting today with some students concerning the use of 3D in their facial feature project. The project, as I understand it, is to take video of someone, identify the key features in the 2D space that are used for identifying expressions. The software aims to mimic that expression onto an avatar using the MPEG framework for facial expression (FAP?!). I think I got carried away with giving all the solutions and algorithms to the mapping of 2D to 3D rather than assisting with what can and can't be done. Surely I was keen to teach again about 3D graphics and propose algorithms on the spot. Ah refreshing blast into the past.