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SLOG server coding

posted 17 Oct 2011, 01:23 by John Stavrakakis

Its a pain to deal with different architectures for server/client interaction. Just implementing SLOG server for OSX at the moment, then will be testing the server for windows machine. The design of this software is different to the research work with regard to the source of 3D content. 

Upgraded memory

A little frustrated with memory constraints on my work machine. I normally have to quit applications that I am not using at that moment, but will reopen them later. For example, I have Texshop, Skim, Bibdesk for writing; Xcode, Terminal for programming, and Mail, Internet browser. 4GB is just not enough. I find myself waiting more for applications to close/open so I can jump between the writing/programming. 8GB GSkill DDR3-1066 @ MSY $60 :)
Ha! just over 4GB usage! Firefox is quite the hog, but thats the reality.