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SCons + Mesa = stalled

posted 19 Mar 2012, 01:03 by John Stavrakakis
Latest mesa no longer includes the MSVS project/solution files needed to build on Windows.

For compilation on Windows SCons is used.

This means you need to download and install:
  1. Mesa of course
  2. Latest Python
  3. Latest version of SCons
Now setup operating env for compiling Mesa with SCons:
  1. Append path environment variable in windows: ;C:\Python27;C:\Python27\Scripts;C:\MinGW\bin
  2. Extract Mesa to mesa-dir
  3. Open CMD 
  4. cd to mesa-dir
  5. scons platform=windows toolchain=crossmingw machine=x86 statetrackers=mesa drivers=softpipe,trace winsys=gdi

All seemed to be going well until:

scons: Building targets ...
  Archiving build\windows-x86-debug\gallium\auxiliary\libgallium.a ...
The command line is too long.

125 characters max on command line? I'm flabbergasted. It is suggested that a parallel python extension might solve this, but Mesa 7.5 will do the job (OpenGL 2.1). Sorry to anyone looking for solution here.

Oops. The keyboard no longer works on this new machine. Getting stranger by the day.