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Scissor and GPU Noise

posted 13 Oct 2011, 22:06 by John Stavrakakis

Practical theory testing

I had a little self doubt about if I was using the right numbers. Basically showing that four triangles, of same side length (s) can fit into two squares.
I labelled each triangle 1, 2, 3, 4. I printed a base sheet with 1, 2, 4 triangles inside the two squares. Triangle 3 was printed separate. I cut 4 off the edges of the square and where 3 would be cut off as well.

Only a small gap remains in the top right corner. Its a little large for comfort, but my scissor skills aren't all that great. Use a computer to do this? its just not the same amount of fun!

GPU issues

Having the Sapphire 6950 2GB. Has run flawlessly until I was talking about how good it is with CJ, or maybe it was when we put the Intel/ATI stickers on the machine case. 
On occasion, there is a loud fan noise kick in. Even when the machine is idle. Similar issue has been reported by others. Set fan to 100% then to automatic, otherwise 80%. Hmm...its off now, and will remain so until it is needed. 

Silence is best!

Report Erased

Thank goodness for git. Using the automatic report template generation I overwrote the previous weeks report. Turns out that the command `date -v-thu "...."` will also choose the previous Thursday. By choosing yesterday, those files were overwritten! After recovery and some more searching I made amendments to the script for testing if the date is earlier, and then adding a whole week in seconds to the previous Thursday. More importantly, a confirmation is needed before the generation goes ahead. Link to post is here. Oh dear. 

The rest

Just some review of Phillips tech Bluebox. They have some 3D interface for application developers using Direct X, OpenGL. I read their whitepaper. 

This was cool:

I read their original paper. In one sentence: aggregating sample data that can determine the similarity in adjacent texture patch information using multiple scale resolutions and both local and global features.