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Re-Migration to new workflow

posted 15 Sept 2011, 01:56 by John Stavrakakis
Moving from old blog, I want to test the copy paste ability from to a google sites announcements page.

All the new processes for wiki blog seem to work well. The only issue is having multiple google accounts, however using a non-firefox browser solves this problem :)
The new "wiki" will be ideal for documenting all the processes of getting things to work. The blog may become the critique zone. Eventually I will increase the work to blog ratio for self-monitoring and review of activity.

This morning I found myself denied to a prized commodity. I posted a gif image test for this blog to express the frustration:

access to coffee denied!

Too bad I couldn't buy a few grams of coffee powder from the cafe. Would have worked out more economical to just get the powder rather than the extra water.