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PIX: Capture and playback Direct3D calls

posted 4 Nov 2011, 00:04 by John Stavrakakis   [ updated 4 Nov 2011, 00:15 ]
Continuing the code for proxy DLL I am filling in all those code functions and nonsense for C++ class I3D10Device. Rummaging around the Microsoft website I found an interesting tool which captures and allows playback of Direct X content: PIX. Its cool because you can record  an entire scene of Direct3D and play it back, or just a screen shot of Direct3D application. Unfortunately, you cannot grab all the data for export live, or even export it through the GUI from this tool. Of course you can inspect the data, this tool is intended for performance analysis and inspection of D3D programs. Only works for D3D 9+

I believe the Xcode crashing issue has to do with the display devices. Moreover, the editor code folding and autocomplete seem to scramble the text. To refresh, just press apple-0 twice to show/hide the side toolbar. Xcode crashing is standard practice now! 

Can anyone explain why windows 7 search lies? why it cannot reliably bring the results back. Online forums have criticised Microsoft on this issue for reliable search results, especially for system logs. One way to guarantee the results is to use the command line script find. For a non-windows guy, this seems a little hard to decipher first time around:

Search for term "ID3D10Device" in all header files with 10 in the name (*10*.h). Recursive, ignore case, display line numbers

grep -rin ID3D10Device *10*.h

for /f %f in ('dir /b /s *10*.h') do find /i /c "ID3D10Device" %f|find "----------"|find /v ": 0"

I hope that comes in handy. I feel like simple things are becoming more complicated?