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Google sites: uploading images that need image processing

posted 4 Oct 2011, 23:35 by John Stavrakakis   [ updated 4 Oct 2011, 23:36 ]
One of the annoying things about the google sites for blogging purposes is uploading images. Images taken from iPhone, and possibly other cameras, have an orientation associated with them. When viewing this image on the computer, the image software automatically applies that orientation so it is viewed as the picture is taken. 

Google sites does not recognise this!

One solution for uploading multiple images for online adjustment is via google photos (Picasa). Don't bother with the downloadable program, just follow these steps.

  • Goto picasa web:
  • Log in with your sites account
  • Upload
  • Drag n drop photos from your PC (works with FF and Safari)
  • When all uploaded. Click OK
  • You can now see this album with name as the date. 
  • To change the name afterwards:
    • Click drop down list Actions
    • click Album Properties
    • Set name to whatever you want.
In your google sites page, such as this blog post:
  • Insert
    • Picasa Photo
    • Click the album
    • Select the photo
Thats it. If the photo needs rotation, or other editing, this can be done in Picasaweb.

Original image:

After some online editing:
Edited online!