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John Stavrakakis

John Stavrakakis
Postdoctoral Fellow
ViSLAB, The School of IT, The University of Sydney


Office:   3E-357, J12 School of IT Building, University of Sydney 2006 NSW Australia
Email:   john at


3D Computer Graphics
  • Using Chromium as the parallel rendering back-end for remote rendering.
  • Developing and assessing an OpenGL virtual machine that transparently utilises available grid resources.
  • Streaming 3D graphics over a network in real time.
Working on HoloshopSLOG 


Java, C, Computer Graphics, Data Structures, Networking, Cybersecurity


nGAME Technician (2010)

  • John Stavrakakis, Nick Lowe, and Masahiro Takatsuka. An On ­Demand Streaming Protocol for 3D Graphics. APAC '05.
  • John Stavrakakis, Zhen-Jock Lau, Nick Lowe, Masahiro Takatsuka. Exposing Application Graphics to a Dynamic Heterogeneous Network. WSCG'2006.
  • J. Stavrakakis and M. Takatsuka. Shared geometry-based collaborative exploratory visualization environment. In Workshop on Combining Visualisation and Interaction to Facilitate Scientific Exploration and Discovery, British HCI, London, pages 82–90, 2006.
  • J. Stavrakakis and M. Takatsuka. Out-of-order execution for avoiding head-of-line blocking in remote 3d graphics. In IEEE Pacific Rim Symposium on Image Video and Technology 2007, December 2007. 

  • Fun
    can be done in less than 150 lines of C!
     ^ solve in less than 150 lines of C code. PPM is here: 


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