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Florence Wang

Florence Ying Wang
PhD Candidate
ViSLAB, The School of IT, The University of Sydney


Office:   3W-27, J12 School of IT Building, University of Sydney 2006 NSW Australia
Tel:       +61 451227279
Fax:      +61 2 9351 3838


Sem 2, 2012  INFO1003 Introduction to Information Technolgoy, SIT,  The University of Sydney
Sem 1, 2011. INFO 3220 Object Oriented Design, SIT, The University of Sydney
Sem1, 2009, IT1005 Introduction to Programming with MatLab at School of Computing, National University of Singapore. Singapore.

PhD Thesis
On the Visual Similarity Analysis  and Visualization of Art Image Data [via Syd Library] --- Submitted !!


  • Florence Ying Wang and Masahiro Takatsuka. Entropy-based Similarity Evaluation and Visualization of Cartographic Symbol Sets. IEEE Winter Conference on Application of Computer Vision 2015 (WACV'15) (to appear)
  • Florence Ying Wang, Arnaud Sallaberry, Karsten Klein, Masahiro Takatsuka. Visualizing Time-varying Twitter Data with SentimentClock.  IEEE Vis, Poster. Paris, France, Nov, 2014 [Demo video][Preview video].
  • Florence Ying Wang and Masahiro Takatsuka. Self-Orgnaizing Map (SOM) based data navigation for identifying shape similarities of graphic logos. Neural Processing Letters, 1-15, 2014.
  • Florence Ying Wang and Masahiro Takatsuka. Enhancing SOM based Visualization Methods for Better Data Navigation. ICONIP'13. Korea, Nov, 2013
  • Florence Ying Wang and Masahiro Takatsuka. SOM based Artistic Style Analysis. ICME  July. 2013.
 Download Painting Image Data   Feature Extraction Code: Git clone ssh:// sombasedpaintin-code
  • Florence Ying Wang and Masahiro Takatsuka. A Framework Towards Quantified Artistic Influences Analysis. DICTA 2012: 1-8 . Dec. 2012
  • Florence Ying Wang and Masahiro Takatsuka. Reverse Painterly Rendering. International Conference on Graphic Theory and Applications  GRAPP/IVAPP 2012: 241-247 Feb. 2012
  • Florence Ying Wang, Prabhu Natarajan, and Mohan Kankanhalli. Multi-Camera Skype: Enhancing the quality of Experience of Video Conferencing, Pacific-Rim Conference on Multimedia'11, The Era of Interactive Media, Springer, 2011.[Demo video]