• Moving office ViSLAB staff/students will be moving their office this week.  Hopefully, we can finish it before the new semester starts.
    Posted 25 Feb 2012, 16:49 by Masahiro Takatsuka
  • Show, Don't tell This article is for writing a cover letter but I think many points made in the article are applicable to other types of document such as a grant application.
    Posted 24 Feb 2012, 17:11 by Masahiro Takatsuka
  • from google apps to Facebook? posting from google apps to Facebook...Does this work?
    Posted 20 Jan 2012, 02:55 by Masahiro Takatsuka
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  • No nonsense video transcoding on windows I am a fan of FFMPEG for most audio/video conversions, but when on windows, I cannot *easily* do the DIY scripting I can on Linux. WinFF is a GUI ...
    Posted 14 Sept 2012, 02:29 by John Stavrakakis
  • Capturing light scatter using Trillion FPS camera is fantastic work on deciphering the scattering effects of light. The problems they target include medical, engineering, but I know that light ...
    Posted 12 Sept 2012, 04:26 by John Stavrakakis
  • GIT log viewer I needed to find out the number of hours I had worked on for a project. As I worked, all my activity was recorded with a message in the commit ...
    Posted 27 Aug 2012, 00:56 by John Stavrakakis
  • Jump point search A fresh approach to path finding algorithm by NICTA student Daniel Harabor. Looking at his algorithm, it is a modified A* search with extra conditions to make sure that only ...
    Posted 22 May 2012, 22:01 by John Stavrakakis
  • SCons + Mesa = stalled Latest mesa no longer includes the MSVS project/solution files needed to build on Windows.For compilation on Windows SCons is used.This means you need to download and install ...
    Posted 19 Mar 2012, 01:03 by John Stavrakakis
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