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Choon Jin Ng

Dr. Choon Jin NG (aka: CJ)
ViSLAB, The School of IT, The University of Sydney


Office:   3W, J12 School of IT Building, University of Sydney 2006 NSW Australia
Email:   cjng AT vislab DOT net
Personal blog/website:


My research is on the topic of advanced remote collaboration technologies.

Some of my projects are:

  • Advanced Remote Collaboration Grid: A framework research supporting real-time synchronous multimedia intense collaboration. One common problem is that a collaboration objective can be hard to be determined before a collaboration session progress. This resulted in unknown collaboration functionality and medium requirements by participants which have to be addressed dynamically during on-going session.
  • Service Oriented Remote Collaboration: A service oriented remote collaboration framework for real-time synchronous collaboration. This addresses the problem of how to present any type of visual services dynamically to participants during an on-going collaboration session.
  • Multi-user Screen Sharing in Multi-Display Groupware: A framework to integrate and unify screen controls and displays under collaboration scenario involving multiple participants with multiple machines using different operating systems. Problem addressed included simultaneous multi-user inputs and control flow management.
  • High-Speed Framebuffer Transmission: Design of a framework supporting high-speed framebuffer transmission for multi-point participants. This includes addressing the performance problem of unicast and reliable multicast transmission of framebuffers to large number of nodes.


C++, Internet Protocols


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